A Panelized Product

We deliver high quality, pre-built components:  roof trusses, floor system and wall panels ready for quick and efficient construction, delivered to your site.

The components of your home are manufactured in climate-controlled conditions, with state-of-the art technology. All components are precise and accurate, making it easier and faster to build.

We use only hand-picked lumber. That means less warping, twisting and nail pops.

Your Nelson Home is a system of manufactured components and building materials that includes:

  • Wall Panels

  • Floor System

  • Roof System

  • Selected Windows and Doors

  • Selected Shingles and Siding

  • Selected Interior Finish Package

…and many other materials right down to the hardware that make a complete package.

The Benefits and Advantages of Panelized

  • Assurance of a home manufactured to building standards & codes
  • Customized or standard plan services
  • Optional features such as window styles, siding, shingles and interior finish
  • Shorter construction time-frame
  • Higher grade material
  • Minimum warping caused by moisture
  • Much more effective cost management (guaranteed price and material)
  • Cost savings through less waste and theft
  • A quick move-in date
  • Five star energy rating
  • Green product – cutoffs are used elseware in the warehouse

Energy Wall System



> Factory assembled wall system
> Factory applied 1 ¾” rigid extruded polystyrene insulation creates a thermal break (no cold studs)
> Optional moisture and mold resistant sheathing


> Reduces heat loss
> Exterior sheathing allows for easy installation of any type siding
> Increases energy savings
> Increases r-value
> Eliminates on site costs for installing rigid installation

Quality Assurance

Panelized housing adheres to high quality standards. From the beginning, starting with professionally drawn blueprints through to manufacturing in our factories, your home will meet or exceed Provincial, Federal and USA Building Codes.

All new materials have to meet the standards of our research and development team – and they’re tough customers! They search for the best quality products and the best value to find the products that will look great, not just today, but years down the road. That saves you a lot of time and headaches.

Construction Efficiency

Panelized homes are erected in a matter of days, not months, without the lag time experienced with other home building.

Panelized housing covers a wide range of sizes and capabilities. Panelized housing covers both single and multi-family dwellings and its application is only as limited as your imagination!

Nelson Homes’ membership in several Manufacturing Associations and Home Builders Associations keeps keeps them apprised and consistent with industry standards for panelized housing companies.

Construction Options

Denali Builders, Inc. offers you a wide-range of building options:

1. Home-Owner/Builder – you are your own general contractor and use the blueprints and tender forms to hire your own sub-trades

2. Owner/Contractor – you hire a supervisor to oversee the sub-trades and finishing contractors

3. If you need a recommendation for a local contractor, Denali Builders can recommend one to you.